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March 11, 2019

Erie Phi

We have partnered with EriePhi to launch software boot camp within our community. This program is focused on teaching job skills and soft skills that will enable an individual to enter and succeed in the digital economy. Software developers are the ones who are powering the digital economy. On average, entry-level developers earn more than $50K per annum.

Unlock your potential and enter the world of software development

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Software Training

Opportunity awaits you

The key to developing any software module is logical thinking. Each programming language is structured in a way to develop specific components of the digital economy.These are the skills you can get (after the first basic training you can choose what you like best): C – a language for developing hardware and software modules Java – for App development (learn how to create an app for phones) And more… a developer with knowledge of one language can learn other languages in no time


Collect your driving data. Compete to win the reward.

Software Training

earn software development. Join the digital economy.


earn all about Data. Listen to the experts (MDs/PhDs)

Contact Our Office Today To Register or Visit Our Website!
BTWC 814-453-5744 Shantel Hilliard, Executive Director

or 814-299-9234

Here is what you will learn

job skills soft skills how to succeed in the digital economy how to get a job where you can earn $50,000 per year (entry level pay) Unlock your potential and enter the world of software development.

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