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February 13, 2018


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Join our 4th-6th grade boys team

Join our 7th-8th grade boys team

Basketball for the Bluehawks will give you the confidence and skill set that you deserve


The basketball program  provides intense athletic training and conditioning of the basketball program athletes. Our basketball coaches’ work in groups and some occasions one – on – one with basketball players to assess abilities, develop ball handling skills, and objectives for the season and determine appropriate position going to the next level. This involves teaching and educating players about on the rules and the development of an athlete.   We currently have boys’ 4th and 5th grade basketball as our Junior Varsity and 7th and 8th grade basketball as our Varsity. IMPACT basketball coaches will teach the athletes the ingredients of team work and sportsmanship.

This includes appropriate and inappropriate conduct on and off the court, such as respect for rivals and officials. Our coaching staff will focus on encouraging teammates to work with each other, follow industry safety standards and strive for established goals to help prepare them for high school sports.

Basketball coaches  secure practice space and equipment, outfitting athletes with appropriate s uniforms, and transporting the team to games with the assistance of parents.  In addition, our basketball coaches are responsible for overseeing parent participation and involvement, especially with younger children. In some cases, coaches and parents are called on to assist in fundraising efforts to support the purchase or upkeep uniforms, transportation, tournament fees, and basketballs.


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