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June 2, 2016



Mercyhurst University at the Booker T. Washington Center makes starting a college education or obtaining a degree affordable and accessible to members of the Erie community who may not have thought attending college was possible.

With a range of associate degree and certificate programs that can be completed on site, at Mercyhurst’s Booker T. Washington Center campus it’s easy to get the education you need to advance your career plans or get started on a four-year degree.

A discounted tuition rate is offered and financial aid is available to those who qualify.

Campus Life

What happens outside the classroom depends largely on your passions, ideals and perspectives. But don’t worry: there’s no shortage of opportunity. Your campus experience will include traditions like Hurst Day and fun activities to help you thrive physically, intellectually and socially—not to mention the people and services in place to encourage your healthy and meaningful growth. Explore, get involved, be imaginative, make new friends and by all means, make yourself at home

Academic programs

Business Administration (Management) Associate Degree

Studying Business Administration

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Medical Assistant Certificate

Medical assistants are allied health practitioners

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Retail Mgmt Certificate

In retail, you can pick any passion

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Criminal Justice Associate Degree

Protect and serve

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Liberal Arts Associate Degree

Build the foundation for your future

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Earn your college degree close to home

Mercyhurst University’s Booker T. Washington (BTW) Campus makes starting a college education or obtaining a degree affordable and accessible to members of the Erie community who may not have thought attending college was possible. Whether you are a traditional high school student, a dislocated worker, or an adult looking for a career change, the degree and certificate programs available on site allow you to get the education you need to advance your career plans or get started on a four-year degree. 

A Mercyhurst education is well respected by community leaders, area employers, and experts from a wide variety of disciplines, and Mercyhurst is consistently recognized by U.S. News & World Report, the Princeton Review and other leading publications for distinguished honors. Students at our BTW Campus are full Mercyhurst students, with access to the learning resources and services on all our campuses

Fast Facts

  • Students can take advantage of the in-house services already provide at the Booker T. Washington Center, such educational, physical wellness and emotional wellness services available to youths, adults and seniors
  • Mercyhurst University is recognized by U.S. News & World Reports as a Best Value and Top-Tier university in the North Region
  • Students at the BTW Campus have access to the academic support and career services at Mercyhurst’s Erie and North East campuses
  • In classes at the BTW Campus, you’ll learn from dedicated and experienced faculty members who will serve as advisors and mentors throughout your academic journey and beyond
  • With classes available at the Booker T. Washington Center, 1720 Holland Street, students living in downtown Erie will be closer to their classes, overcoming the hassle of transportation

Frequently Asked Questions

How many classes should I take?

Many of our students have to balance jobs, families and school. There is no perfect formula for success. Our job is to help each student determine the ideal balance to be successful. For some, this means being a part-time student, which is two classes per term. Most full-time students take four classes, though some have even taken five. Some students transition between part- and full-time during the academic year to best match their academic schedule with demands outside the classroom.

How long do I have to stay at the BTW Campus before I transfer to another Mercyhurst campus or another university?

An academic plan is established for each student to ensure success at the next stage of education. For some, this means transferring very quickly, after a semester or two, while others may take a class or two at the Erie or North East campuses to help with their transition.

Who is your typical student?

There are generally three types of students who enroll at the BTW Campus. The first is the student who is returning to college. For a multitude of reasons, this individual stopped going to school and is looking for another chance to earn a degree. Some return after one semester, while it may take others 20 years before they decide to go back. The second type of student at the BTW Campus has interest in attending college, but is uncertain on where to go or which major to study. The BTW Campus offers this student an opportunity to continue to make academic progress while determining future plans. The third type is the economically conscious student. These students understand the importance of a university education, but also appreciate the ability to take classes at the BTW Campus at an affordable cost.

Learn from the very best

Join our courses and start building the most wanted career available today.

Visit Campus

You and your family are welcome to visit our Booker T. Washington Campus at any time. These visits are great opportunities to tour our classrooms, speak with an admissions counselor to discuss applications and financial aid, or learn more about the course offerings and schedules that will work best for you. To schedule a visit, contact Steve Gregg at or 814-824-3696.

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