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general education development

Improve Yourself Improve Your Life

Who are we?

A partnership with Erie’s Public Schools, Booker T Washington Center and GECAC.

What services do we provide?

The program was created to capture youth who have

recently withdrawn from the Erie’s Public Schools or who have been court ordered to pass the GED tests in order to earn a PA Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma.

Along with GED preparation, the students are provided

integrated soft skills, job readiness and career exploration. 

Who do you contact?

If you are interested in the program, please call us today

Time Managment

Students work at their own pace; learning basic skills of reading, writing, and math.

High School Equivalency Preparation Classes

The high school equivalency credential is a stepping stone to meet employment or further education goals. Language arts, science, social studies, and math are taught in preparation for the GED¬ģ or HiSET¬ģ tests.¬†


Success within and your determination to succeed.

New GED Program is here


GECAC Adult Education welcomes adults who are interested in improving their basic skills in reading, writing, and math or earning a high school equivalency credential.¬† Classes are free and designed to meet the students’ needs by increasing academic skills while providing opportunities to learn about careers and employment.¬† All classes include career exploration and labor market information to help plan for the future.

Pennsylvania Requirements

Minimum age: 16 years. For applicants 16 and 17, additional restrictions and requirements apply. Contact your nearest GED testing site.

Underage candidates (16 and 17) must submit an official age waiver issued by Pennsylvania’s Department of Education. They also must provide a written request from a college admissions office, employer, military recruiting office, or the director of an official state institution that indicates obtaining a GED is required for the applicant.

In Pennsylvania, GED and HiSET testing is open only to state residents that never completed their high school education and are not in another school program.

Completing the GED or HiSET successfully will give you better professional options and unlock doors of colleges and universities. Each year, more than half a million people finish the GED-HiSET exam successfully, and you may very well be one of them.

Fee: $120 for the entire GED test ($30 per subject), HiSET: $90 (read more below).

You do not first have to take the GED Ready¬ģ practice test or the HiSET official practice tests and taking a GED or HiSET prep course is also not required.

GED Classes Erie, Pennsylvania

yes you can

Hundreds of people have passed the GED¬ģ¬†test with the help of GECAC and have gone on to college and better jobs. You can be one of them. And we’ll help you every step of the way.

  1. Create Account: Your GED¬ģ¬†account is free to set up. You can learn more about the test subjects and schedule your test.
  1. Study: Attend the GECAC High School Equivalency Preparation Classes or study on your own.
  1. Schedule Test: Once you’re ready, you will schedule your test online and you will take the test at GECAC’s GED¬ģ¬†Testing Center.
  1. Take the Test: The GED¬ģ¬†test is made up of 4 subjects, broken into separate exams: math, science, reading,¬†and¬†social studies. You don’t have to take all 4 tests at once – you can space them out however it suits you and go at your own pace.

Price per Subject: $30.¬†The total cost for all 4 subject tests is $120. You don’t have to take all four tests at once and can space them out however you choose.

GECAC GED¬ģ¬†Testing Center

809 Peach Street
Erie, PA 16501
(West side of GECAC’s headquarters)

Time to achieve

Contact Us @ Gecac

Phone: (814) 459-4581 ext.  652


Phone (814) 453-5744

Location is everything

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